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We are a German company based on Berlin. We manage a corporate structure according to the laws and policies of the country or countries where we manage physical structures. Led by a team of professional experts who enthusiastically work day by day to achieve the goals and objectives proposed

Each decision is discussed and analyzed by the board of directors in order to only take wise and accurate decisions that sustain the BRAND for the sake of SUCCESS.

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The cryptocurrency that compliments your lifestyle! Aware of the evolution of payment methods, the legitimacy of cryptocurrencies, the automation of processes and the new digital economy; we focus on the development of a new millennium cryptocurrency.

G-Coin Millennium will allow us to participate in the macro market of encrypted finance, in the digital economy and in 7 powerful industries or markets that move hundreds of billions of dollars each year.

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Proyecto de negocio

Tenemos un extraordinario negocio para usted. Adquiere el POWE ID de POWENEX y benefíciate ampliamente junto a nosotros, con la gran oportunidad que representa POWENEX para emprendedores, líderes, bitcoiners, entusiastas y networkers.


An objective analysis of the stability and sustainability of Powenex.

How can they pay so much being obvious that they share a lot? How sustainable is Powenex's economy?

It is clear that Powenex distributes a high percentage. You do not have to be an expert in compensation plans, not even a great mathematician to notice this.

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