An objective analysis of the stability and sustainability of POWENEX

How can they pay so much being obvious that they share a lot? How sustainable is POWENEX's economy?

It is evident that POWENEX shares a fairly high percentage. You do not have to be an expert in compensation plans or even a mathematician to discover it. Just review our compensation plan and you will find out.

POWENEX, as a parent company, distributes 100% of its weekly turnover. 85% of these are transferred to the compensation plan in order to have a highly lucrative compensation plan. The remaining 15% is destined as follows: 5% in fixed expenses and personnel payment, 5% in investment for the development of new services and products in order to improve our line of services and products, 5% is invested in marketing and expansion in order to achieve rapid growth and global positioning. With this formula POWENEX manages to maintain a highly competitive compensation plan. At the same time, it invests 5% in its three fundamental areas without affecting the financial stability of the company, but on the contrary, with this formula POWENEX achieves its objectives.

It should be noted that our Business-Services circuit has an independent and sustainable billing. Independent because each of these offers a product or service to the general public. Sustainable because every Netwoker Developer of POWENEX must use 25% of their profits, obtained in the compensation plan, for consumption within the POWENEX Business-Service circuit. In this way we guarantee a systematic and sustained invoicing.

As an independent brand, POWENEX does not leave practically any type of profitability. However, this is understood in light of our business philosophy.

To understand our business philosophy, the following variables must be considered:

1- POWENEX is not a company where money is exchanged for money, but we pay each one of our promoters partners for the task of helping us to build a gigantic world network of people, who everyday use the internet and social networks to help us in fulfilling our vision of making each of our Companies-Services (Cryptolotto, Powetravel, IntaMondo, InntaMondo Magazine, Caribbean Style, Infinite Fortuna Investments Group, Bukec, Galeroma, G-Sport) a PLANET BRAND.

2 - Under no circumstances we mean that our sole purpose is to create a company with a compensation plan where all partners earn good except its founders. It is clear to understand that with only one of the companies that make up the POWENEX Business-Service circuit that manages to become a Planet Brand, this will represent a stronger economic achievement than any Multilevel Marketing company would grant. If we review planet brands such as Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple, just to mention a few, these brands have made their founders today among the most affluent in the world. We are convinced that our strategy is capable of achieving this purpose. Today, word of mouth marketing is still the most powerful force to publicize brands, services and products. Most companies that use this method, its purpose is not to position a brand or a product but to make money. That is why we see a high number of compensation plans where leaders only earn to live and their desire for financial freedom becomes a chimera.

Compensation plan

This is why we have developed a highly powerful compensation plan and although there is practically nothing left to the company (POWENEX), we are satisfied with two things:

A) We generously compensate our leaders by distributing, from the compensation plan, 90% of everything that the company POWENEX sells in affiliations and repurchases. Leaders, partners and well-paid promoters will do everything for the company to achieve its objectives; thus, the best publicity in favor of the POWENEX brand urging others to join.

B) Without a doubt, our Companies-Services will be promoted by all those who actively promote us. They will use all means and tools to make these brands known; which leads safely to an effective global positioning. Through the content, quality, price and innovation of these Companies-Services will generate a high turnover that will leave great profits. For us, the best way to make a profit is to let our partners and developers keep most of what POWENEX bills. The work of them will allow our Companies-Services, separately, to have a millionaire turnover. This becomes a "WIN WIN".


Each of the brands, both POWENEX and each of our Companies-Services must be independent, self-sustainable and self-sufficient. None will subsidize any. Each brand, separately, must have its customers, generate billing and consequently leave profits. This allows us to be the only ones in the entire industry that we can pay 100% of all that the company collects for affiliations and repurchases. Paradoxically, this makes us more financially profitable because it is the best way to make our future PLANET MARKS the best and strongest: Cryptolotto, Powetravel, IntaMondo, InntaMondo Magazine, Caribbean Style, Infinite Fortuna Investments Group, Bukec, Galeroma, GSport, etc.