About Us

We are a German company based on Berlin. We manage a corporate structure according to the laws and policies of the country or countries where we manage physical structures. Led by a team of professional experts who enthusiastically work day by day to achieve the goals and objectives proposed.

Each decision is discussed and analyzed by the board of directors in order to make wise and accurate decisions that sustain the BRAND in areas of success.

It is for us the greatest challenge of our lives to perform our functions with professionalism, respect and responsibility; since its foundation, POWENEX has set the goal of giving each of our partners and customers only and exclusively the BEST.

Our vision is to create, expand and position brands. Our goal is for some of our brands to have a global positioning to later become PLANET BRANDS. Through our brands we seek to have a comprehensive participation in the markets and industries that are brewing the great fortunes of today. In this way we will make Powenex the greatest instrument of generation and distribution of wealth.

The new re-engineering and the development of new technologies have opened up an ocean of opportunities that bring us to the best economic moment in history. We seek to become a global instrument of WEALTH TRANSFERENCE.


Moved by a strong and deep commitment to ensure that this FIRM is valued with respect and admiration by all those who audit us, by those who observe us, but especially by those who believe in us. That is why our main commitment is with EXCELLENCE.

Corporate commitment

A) We are committed to expanding the brand and expanding our business portfolio, taking into account that all our commercial and business aspects must be strictly controlled ethically and legally as we grow and expand.

B)Guarantee a business climate that is always favorable and transparent, in such a way that both our customers and our partners find an environment where they respect and guarantee the agreement between the parties. The terms and conditions will be respected, and especially that the payments established in the business project will be met.

C)We try to consolidate ourselves in the global market until this firm becomes the most powerful instrument to bring prosperity and freedom. This leads us to present and manage a sustainable business model in itself, and thus provide a stable business platform, in which each of our partners and customers can strengthen the realization of their dreams and the materialization of their life project .

We believe that we live in a world of opportunities and that we are going through one of the best economic moments in the history. Thanks to the Internet, Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and digital marketing, word of mouth marketing has become a machine capable of transferring wealth like never before. It is under this scenario that as a firm we seek to be a global leader in the art of transferring wealth, forming prosperous leaders and building proactiveness.

Our bussines

We are dedicated to the development and expansion of a circuit of companies outside and inside the internet. Our focus is on the creation and positioning of companies at a trending status and that are part of a successful chain of industries and markets.

At the same time we are dedicated to the development of G-Coin Millenium and services and products linked to blockchain technology or block chain. Through our cryptocurrency we try to have a broad participation in the digital economy market. We bet on it and we are with our developments bringing this financial technology to its paroxysm.


Our company circuit

nuestro circuito


A) That through our expansion plan and marketing system, some of these companies become a MARK-PLANET.

B) That this circuit of companies is the basis of the first business model of shared profits, strictly responsible and 100% sustainable and transparent.

C) In turn, that this business circuit serves as an initial ecosystem, conduit for use and demand of our G-Coin cryptocurrency.